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Monday, November 30, 2009

Flemish Beauty Pear Jam w/ St-Germain

Some of my summer produce small-batch preserves have already sold out. Sorry!
Never fear, there are new jars showing up all the time, like this pear jam...

Québec isn't exactly known for its pears-- our cold weather and short growing season are not ideal for the fruit. Still, every year some Flemish Beauties turn up at the market. They're a small, heartier variety that can stand our climate, but they remain a fairly small crop, so it feels like you're really getting something special when you get your hands on some. A limited edition.
It follows that one should make something special with the pears, and I think I found them a pretty fine partner in St-Germain, a French liqueur flavoured with elderflowers. It really brings out the floral side of the pears, which are cut into chunks and suspended in fragrant jelly. Let's face it, this is a bit of a frou-frou jam-- more suited to scones and crème fraîche than to a peanut butter sandwich. Something to save for a cold winter day. So stock up.

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