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Friday, November 12, 2010

Patisserie Rhubarbe

I have exciting news, friends! There's a new pastry shop in town, and though I admit I'm biased, I would hazard to say that it might just be the best in town.
Patisserie Rhubarbe is just south of Laurier on de Lanaudiere. The space is bright and very inviting-- you can sit down and have a tea or coffee (Cafe Union!) with your pastry, or take some to go. Right now my favorite offering there is the incredible cheesecake crowned with a bracing cloudberry compote.
AND... I'm happy to announce that Rhubarbe now stocks Preservation Society jams, marmalades, and jellies. As of Wednesday, November 17th, they will have in stock Lemon-Vanilla Bean Jelly, Peach Jam with Vanilla Bean, Rhubarb-Grapefruit Jam, Pink Grapefruit Marmalade, and Cranberry Butter.
Stop by and check it out! You will not be sorry.


Anonymous said...

i am very excited about this rhubarb-grapefruit jam. is it with white or pink?

on the topic of such astringency, this madelinots restaurant in verdun has a liqueur made out of cranberries and dandelion, which they were distressingly out of when last i was there, but i intend to make a second attempt very soon...

(also i tried your pickled brussel sprouts, and they were delicious.)

Preservation Society said...

such astringency! i am very excited for rhubarb to arrive so i can make that jam. it's with pink grapefruit zest and juice-- a chez panisse recipe.
cranberry and dandelion liqueur sounds amazing. my good friend gave me plain cranberry liqueur for christmas, which is awesome. and you gotta try my milk liqueur and my rhubarb schnapps, though maybe not together.
glad you liked the sprouts.